How to speak in public. Tips and techniques

Talking in public or meetings can be overwhelming at times, but making your voice heard is a way to gain respect at work or school. Sometimes you feel like you have nothing new to say. A good method is to prepare your speech before doing this, ask questions that have to do with what is being said.
The way you speak in the meeting depends a lot on the type of meeting that is in progress.

In this article, I will tell you about what I have learned over time about public speaking. Why about public speaking? Because public speaking is about sharing ideas, being a gathered experience, through direct or indirect meetings with people.

Regarding this topic, the famous Mark Twain said that if people start falling asleep at a certain point during a speech, it is enough to say “shit” in the middle of a sentence and everyone will wake up.

The purpose of public speaking is to make people interested in your idea, to develop it to the extent that you make them pay attention to what you have to say.

You can’t learn to speak in public unless you do.

You can watch all the conferences in this world, you can attend all the public speaking sessions, you can analyze, you can read everything written about public speaking, you can go to the best courses on public speaking, but unless you get on a stage with the light on your face and being alone in front of a full audience, you will not be able to speak in public. Public speaking can only be learned by practising it

Plan your speech by writing notes in advance.

Writing notes on a notebook is not a bad thing, especially since there you synthesize the main ideas that you will later develop, boosting your chances of not blocking yourself during the speech.

Adopt the correct position in front of the stage.

Many times we tend to move a lot in front of the stage, especially to walk from side to side, to move our hands a lot because of emotions, these aspects must be controlled because the spectators will no longer pay attention to what you have to say, but more will follow your body movements. start by keeping your feet perfectly parallel, through which you will have a good position.

Try to prepare a good introduction

By a good introduction, it is understood that naturally the rest of the speech will come and so you will avoid the difficulties in speaking further.

Choose the rhythm of the speech and the tone of the voice.

You can speak very, very quickly, and the things said will come one after the other, or you can speak more slowly, is a good way to attract attention. It’s a matter of how you like to do it. You can also have a thin and high voice, or you can bring it down, you can speak very loud, or you can speak slowly. Also speaking with a loud voice is a method of convincing others. The tone of the voice and the way you speak is very important.


You smile because you are more friendly, but if you smile your voice will be heard differently, more so, if you smile, hire some muscles of the face that makes you speak better.

Use talkative people in your favour

Whatever presentation you hold, there are always some people in the audience who start talking louder, complimenting you, contradicting you or just making jokes. Don’t let yourself be discouraged. Pull them to your side. You must conquer them first. And in the group they belong to, they behave the same, as “opinion leaders”, not necessarily because they are more competent, but because they simply like to talk more. Often, the ideas you present will take the form they will give you, even more so after the presentation has ended, behind closed doors, when you will no longer be present.

Perfectionism can destroy you

If you still expect to be perfect, you will never come out. Maybe you’ll be perfect five times a year. It is important how you present yourself on the other days. Inside you will find a fight between a child who wants to hide under his mother’s skirt and an experienced host who keeps the audience at his fingertips. Let the master talker come to the surface because he is hidden somewhere inside you.

Hide your emotions

If you start the speech by apologizing for the emotions you have, you only need to draw their attention to a negative aspect that they may not even notice. So you better focus on what you have to say and how to capture the audience’s attention.

Use the emotions in your favour

If you have the emotions of feeling that the ground is cracking beneath you and you will fall into a precipice, this is a sign that you very much want to be there. At that moment you discovered the fire inside you, so it’s time to enjoy the tensest moments. You will remember them all your life.

Tell a story!

In any speech you keep, it is good to find a “hook” to hang from time to time. Stick to a simple event that can arouse strong emotions. If you talk to them about a candy company, remember how you saw “accidentally” a child who buys his frozen flight before entering the room. Play a little with their mind, because they like it more than they recognize.

A good story is like a party, it’s good to come late and leave early. Do not get bored with details about the history of goat breeding in New Zealand, but do not get into the subject abruptly. Use humour without the impression that you are at a stand-up show. If you say treadmills, they seem to be a bit aggressive, if you know how to use humour, they seem like a nice guy.