How to use a chainsaw safely

The recommendations we make have a general use, depending on the country where you live, there may be specific rules that need to be followed, the appearance of the saw and the positioning of its order may differ depending on the model.

A chainsaw is an efficient tool, but it can become dangerous if used inappropriately, so safety must always be in the first place.


Your clothing is a very important aspect of it. Even if you only cut firewood, you must use the proper safety equipment. The best garments for the use of the saw are a ventilated blouse and pants with protection at the action of the saw. Of course, protective equipment cannot prevent accidents, but it can help reduce the severity of injuries if accidents happen. You should wear shoes with steel material for the protection of the action of the saw and a protective helmet with full coverage viewfinder, hearing protection and, last but not least, make sure you have a first aid kit, easily accessible, a cell phone and a whistle.

Give yourself enough time to familiarize yourself with the saw so that you have a correct picture of how it works.

The throttle control is located on the underside of the rear handle. To prevent the accidental advance of the acceleration you must also press the accelerator lock above the handle.

At the bottom of the saw is the chain stop, which catches the chain if it breaks or jumps.

In the event of such a chain accident, your right hand is protected by the bottom of the handle. With the easy-access stop command, you can quickly stop the engine

Chain brake stops the chain in case of recoil, this brake can be triggered in two ways:

  • By the hand of the user who pushes the protection backwards;
  • By the forces of inertia that appear during recoil;

The recoil can occur in most situations, due to the lack of attention, this occurs when the force of the chain in rotation throws the saw, usually up and back. The recoil is caused by the contact of the top of the saw blade with an object. Try to never intentionally pull back.

If the chain is not new, it is good to periodically be correctly sharpened, because cutting is easier and safer when the chain is sharpened. Also, make sure that the chain is properly tensioned. Remember that a new chain must be tensioned after each use for a short time.


When fueling the chainsaw with gasoline and chain oil, place it on a flat surface.

The “too full” protection helps to avoid leakage losses. It is good to move the chainsaw after feeding it from that place before starting.

It is good to work as a team, however, make sure that no one is less than 5m away when you turn on the motor, of course, for trees cutting, the distance must be greatly increased.

When you are ready, place the chainsaw on the ground, in the right position, release the area near the blade and activate the chain brake by pushing forward the recoil protection, otherwise, the chain will begin to rotate at startup.

Activate the “Smart Start” compression valve if the saw is equipped with this option.

If the engine is cold, pull the shock completely out

Place the tip of the right foot into the rear handle and hold the front handle with your left hand firmly, then pull the starter handle with your right hand until the engine starts.

Press the shock again halfway, then pull the starter handle again until the engine starts. Press once the acceleration of the engine speed to reach the idle stage.

If the engine is already warm, do not use the shock, but the other steps are the same.

If the engine starts hard when warm, pull the shock as in the case of a cold start but return immediately to its original position.

When the engine is running, do not disconnect the chain brake until you start working.

Check if the chain brake is functional, place the chainsaw on a stable surface and press the acceleration, then activate the chain brake by pressing the recoil protective handle on the back by pressing with the left-hand wrist without releasing the front handle of the chainsaw, the chain must stop immediately.

Also, check the lubrication of the chain by keeping the saw with the acceleration operated above a surface with light colours to observe the traces of the oil thrown.

Basic rules for using the saw

Familiarize yourself with the saw by practising with it on a suitable log.

Hold the saw tight in both ways;

Make sure you hold the thumb of your left hand under the front handle to reduce a possible recoil

If you keep the saw close to you, it will not seem difficult to use, you will also have a better balance and better control the saw.

For an even better balance by standing with your legs apart;

You can cut with both the lower edge and the upper edge of the blade. When using the lower edge, the chain pulls the saw from your side, the opposite being when cutting with the upper edge.

Protect your back, avoiding working with your back bent, you can bend your knees if you work at a low level.

When you have finished cutting, stop the chainsaw, apply the brake and use the blade guard.

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