Easy ways to repair scratched furniture

No matter how careful we are to protect the furniture and to take care of it properly, it can be scratched, as wood is a material quite sensitive to such incidents. The scratches on the furniture can be remedied with a few simple, natural and accessible tricks, and the furniture will look impeccable again.

If the scratches are shallow and thin, remedying them is much simpler. One of the variants is walnut paste. The natural fats contained in it and the fruit pulp melt lightly on the wood and restore its impeccable appearance, like new.

For dark furniture, oak bark dust is a very efficient method to remedy superficial scratches. Sprinkle the dust on a piece of gauze with which you rub the scratches well and they will disappear immediately. You can buy oak dust from natural shops or carpentry workshops.

If your furniture is light white, a mixture of vinegar and oil, sunflower, olive or flax, is a very effective remedy.

If the scratches on your furniture are deeper, they can be remedied with a few natural ingredients that have a quick and effective effect. Wax is one of the solutions, this being a solid but malleable material, it is particularly effective for covering scratches, cracks or other imperfections of the furniture. To look flawless you can mix the wax with the paint color of the furniture.

The coffee grounds is also very efficient way to repair the furniture scratches and, also, it is easy to obtain, with which you can improve the appearance of scratched or outdated furniture. It covers the stains and fills the small cracks or holes formed over time.

Another very effective material, which you may not have thought of as a valid alternative, is plasticine. This covers the cracks on the furniture very well, and for a flawless appearance, you can also apply a bit of the furniture paint color to mask the existence of plasticine.

Toothpaste combined with oil is also a very useful option to cover scratches on the table or other wooden surfaces.

If the scratches are deep enough, sawdust mixed with glue is the best solution. Apply this mixture over the cracks on the furniture, wait until it dries and then polish that surface. To give gloss to the reconditioned wood in this way, apply a coat of varnish or paint the same color as the furniture.

Special solutions for cleaning and care of furniture are very useful and necessary because they have the role of maintaining the lake, cleaning the stains and removing dust, which is a great enemy of the lake for furniture. Using this type of solution regularly avoids the deterioration in time of the look and texture of your furniture.